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You are proof love before first site exists...

Yes, of course I do maternity outdoors! This is to showcase what I do indoors. Studio work is probably my favorite and the most popular for maternity. So, it gets it's own page! It's hard to choose a favorite genre, because they all are uniquely fun! Here you have a huge variety of gowns, dresses, and outfits to choose from for mom! We start off by scheduling your session, you can book online here to secure a day. Usually about 30-34 weeks along, just depending on how much you're showing. Of course we can do it later in your pregnancy, but I always recommend that time frame. We will collab on your outfits via text or email, or phone call if you prefer that. Once you're at the studio we will look at all the options I have. I will pull whatever I think best fits what you want style wise from when we talked earlier. Hair and makeup is a popular add-on. I have a few amazing MUA makeup artists that I use. You may opt out of that option and do your own, or use your own artist. Completely up to you! I do recommend hair and makeup for the complete look! Any questions? Just use the contact tab and I will get back to you asap!

Check out my social media pages via FB and IG - @jmorrisphotokc

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